Starting Monday 1st Feb 2021, our beloved lunch bar will be back serving you healthy yummy food.


Our Food Philosophy

How many times have you been disappointed when you ask for something and you get something different? Our food philosophy is different and simple, we serve food that is cooked simply and what you see is what you get. We really are just like a produce store, except we serve produce that is already cooked, seasoned and spiced simply and healthy.


Our Lunch Bar Menu

Pricing as of 1st Feb 2021

Price/Approx Weight

Baked Atlantic Salmon $9.5/150gm

Tassie Petuna salmon with Mediterranean spices

Chicken Curry $7/200gm

Beef Rendang $7/200gm

Pork Braised in Vinegar & Soy $7/200gm

Mushroom $2/100gm

Broccoli / Beans $3/80gm

Cauliflower  / Cucumber $3/100gm

Eggplant / Pumpkin $2.5/150gm

Tofu / Lentils $3

Rice $2

Beetroot $2.5/100gm

Sweet Potato $2.5/100gm

Sweet Corn $1/piece

* all weights are approximate

** all food are weighed after cooking

** most food items shrink by 20-40% after cooking