Locally sourced. Unprocessed. Fast. Tasty. Real good. Real Food



Honest and unprocessed food doesn’t have to be bland. We source nothing but the highest quality fresh produce and treat them with the respect they deserve. The result? Beautiful textures and bold flavours.



Every cup made with care.

Our locally-roasted, exclusive all-organic blend features quality beans from Ethiopia, Tanzania and Vietnam resulting in a rich, full-bodied flavour with a surprising caramel-toned sweetness.

Our dairy milk is sourced from the Riverina region in southern NSW, and for non-dairy drinkers we also have organic Bonsoy, organic almond milk, organic coconut milk and lactose-free milk available.


From small beginnings as a mum-and-dad run organic juice bar at the bottom of a lonely arcade, we’ve always recognised that a wholesome diet does not have to mean compromises.

Good produce, delicious flavours, fast service and fantastic value are at the very core of what we do. From your morning coffee and toast, to your lunchtime escape from the office for a feed, we’ve kept things simple to give you the best value, the quickest service and the highest quality possible.

Put simply, “what more do you want?”

Our first LB Canteen kitchen opened in 2016 at the original lizë + bath site. Proving our mantra that honest and unprocessed food should still surprise and delight, it has been a huge hit since day one.

Today we have a second kitchen at Bridge Street, and have partnered with Menulog and Deliveroo to have our meals delivered, wherever you are in the CBD.

We’ve been featured in TimeOut Sydney, Simon Food Favourites and TripAdvisor amongst others.

There is even more to come, so stay tuned!



Lower Ground Arcade
227 Elizabeth Street, Sydney 2000
(Entry via Bathurst Street)

Open weekdays, 7 - 11am

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